The future belongs to the youth

Archive 2016
The future belongs to the youth, and it is up to us to provide them with the necessary tools to survival and success.
Sports might be secondary to most, but throughout the years we heard and witnessed amazing stories about the healing power of sports. It can bring people together and it heals us from anxieties and protects us from many illnesses. It purifies the body and mind and help us be more focused and productive in school, at work and in life.
We want our youth to include running in their weekly activities. Movement is important and crucial during times where screens and video games keep our young ones away from the outdoor!
Movement counts! This is why we introduced the youth race, an event for kids 7-17 to let them know we care and that runners are the best!
So run.. Even if for 10mn a day, do it and make it a habit🙏

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