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Official press release issued by the media department at the Beirut Marathon Association

Official press release issued by the media department at the Beirut Marathon Association:

The Beirut Marathon held an emergency meeting with the executive board committee and team members to discuss the latest developments on a national front. Following the extensive discussions held, the below decisions were taken:

1. The Beirut Marathon remains committed to its mission of moving and uniting Lebanon through running by placing our beloved country on the international map of sports and showing the true colors of Lebanon.

2. In light of the current circumstances our country Lebanon is going through, to which we were always able to overcome by allowing the marathon to become a platform for humanitarian, economical, social, environmental and cultural objectives, we hereby promise to keep working towards the same noble goals we have stood by throughout the years.

3. This year’s slogan reads: “Together, we move the nation”. A true expression that reflects the values of the event, one that carries a nationalistic message above everything else, believing in the true power of sports as a catalyst for change and a tool that inspires the community and provide an experience of challenge, achievement, joy, and glory; for the benefit of Lebanon, both now and for generations to come.

4. In view of all the aforementioned points and in keeping true to our mission, values and relations with our partners, runners, stakeholders, volunteers, international participants and friends, We have hereby decided to postpone the 17th edition of BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON which was set on November 10 to a later, more appropriate date.

God keep Lebanon Safe.


Beirut Marathon


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