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2018/ AGBU Antranik hosted Mrs. May El Khalil

On Monday, December 11, 2018,

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AGBU Antranik hosted Mrs. May El Khalil, the founder and president of the Beirut Marathon Association.

The event was attended by Mr. Gerard Tufenkjian, president of AGBU Lebanon and members of the AGBU Lebanon District Committee, Mr. Vicken Tchertchian, chairman of AGBU-Antranik Youth Association and members of the AGBU-AYA Central Committee, representatives of the executive committees of the chapters as well as a group of dedicated scouts.

On behalf of the AGBU Lebanon District Committee, Arine Ghazarian, the programs coordinator of AGBU Lebanon, welcomed the attendees, and particularly, the woman who believes in the power of sport, perseverance and unity, the award-winning Founder and President of the Beirut Marathon Association, Mrs. May El Khalil.

Ghazarian mentioned that AGBU Antranik proudly partners in this nation-wide initiative not only through running for our cause “Education for all” but also through the team of scouts: the boys, who diligently guard the 42 and 21 Km finish line tracks and the girls, who hand the medals and take care of the arrivals.

A word in the name of the AGBU Antranik, on behalf of its chairman Mr. Vicken Tchertchian, was addressed by Mrs. Araz Tchertchian Alozian who mentioned that AGBU’s slogan being “in unity is strength”, the organization has always strived to do its best to serve the community at large.

Addressing the leadership and scouts, Mrs. May El Khalil stated that she is honored to be with AGBU-Antranik to celebrate with the scouts and to thank them for all the support, the contribution and the passion they invest at the Beirut Marathon and for the energy the scouts give the runners through their dedication, professionalism and their awesome cheers!

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”. A beautiful statement Mrs. El Khalil used to exemplify everything not only about volunteerism but also about the AGBU Lebanon community and scouts.

Changing the mindset of “What can I get” to “What can I give” is something that gives a higher purpose to our lives, and with the culture that AGBU is effectively and positively building, I know that the future will hold brighter days as more youth are actively involved in bettering themselves, therefore effecting change on many social and national levels, concluded Mrs. El Khalil.

On this special occasion, Mrs. May El Khalil distributed volunteering certificates to the scouts and volunteers who took part in this year’s Beirut Marathon and presented AGBU Antranik with the “Long Term Volunteering Partnership” Award. President Gerard Tufenkjian, who received the award dedicated it to the entire team; coordinators, field leaders, and particularly the dedicated scouts who have been, throughout the 5 years, volunteering whole heartedly!

Our scouts, in their turn, handed in the AGBU Antranik scouts scarf to Mrs. May El Khalil.

May El Khalil

Beirut Marathon Association

Antranik Youth Association – Lebanon

AGBU-AYA Antranik Sevan Scouts Movement

AGBU – AYA Antranik Antelias Scouts Movement


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