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the word

Little did I know that “the word” has the power to change the world of us.

“The word”, is not just any word, but rather a specific, case and situation oriented word.

“The word” comes at the time we need it most, from anyone and anywhere we may be. “The word” can be a compliment when we are feeling insecure about our look. It can be a reminder when we had long lost ourselves. It can be an encouragement when we were about to give up on a mission we set.

“The word” can lift us up and burry us deep down. It’s a weapon that beats the sharpest sword. We are all walking freely with a dangerous yet beautiful tool that can mend differences and brighten up people’s days.

“The word” changed my world. It empowered me to keep seeking my own path and find my life’s journey. As blessed as I was in encountering the right word at the right time, I have made it a mission to do the same.

The words of kindness, appreciation, forgiveness, respect, tolerance, gratitude and love are the words that make my world, and from them I pick a word and gift it to the world.

Because someone, somewhere, is looking for ”the word”.

Here’s hoping it would forever, and for better, change their world❤️ 

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