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I tell you this, my friend: You are not made of stone

I tell you this, my friend: You are not made of stone.

You are entitled, better yet, allowed to feel down at times, to tumble down at heartbreak and break to a million pieces when Sad and confused. 

Embrace your feelings. Be sad. Be angry. Feel weak. Moments like these will live to remind you that such emotions are temporary, that being lost and confused, angry and sad are nothing more than a stepping stone for better things ahead.


I myself have gone through this emotional rollercoaster one too many times. Thing is, I have come to realize that life is filled with disappointments and pain, and while you cannot possibly control the feelings of others, you sure can control your own. .

And so I controlled my own, I went on doing things that brought happiness to my soul. Happiness is the only thing strong enough to fight the feelings of sadness and loneliness. I Surrounded myself with positive energy and practiced meditation. I walked, walked a lot. I chose to hang out with people who value me and make me laugh hard. I spent more time next to my family and loved ones. I inhaled love, and exhaled fear. Hell I even exiled it. .


I found out that I can smile again. I was no longer avoiding the world and feeling sorry for myself. I loved myself unconditionally and felt grateful! Gratitude, my friend, is a powerful thing.


At the end of the day, It really boils down to the PROCESS.

So let’s make a deal, find your own path to healing, and do it at your own pace. Do not make decisions when in pain. Take the time to analyze your emotions… time and maturity can do wonders in the healing process.

Know that negative emotions don’t have the power to last forever, 

You will not give them the power to last forever. Promise yourself that!

You, my friend, are not made of stone

You, my friend, are human

And that’s the beauty and strength of it all!

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