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This photo with the beautiful selfless volunteers of Offre Joie comes with a story

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This photo with the beautiful selfless volunteers of Offre Joie comes with a story:

On October 19, 2012 An unfortunate assassination on one of Beirut’s streets destroyed the homes of more than 240 families. It was 2 weeks before the Beirut international Marathon. 7 Marathon Runners pledged their run to raise funds for Ashrafieh. TV agreed to have a live telethon for the cause. A four digit number was dedicated for the telethon with a full team in a call center ready since the early morning hours. As the Marathon started, TV host started following up on the KMs completed by the runners, the calls were flooding on the center supporting with 10$ here and 10,000$ there. The last of the 7 runners completed the marathon in 5 hours 40 minutes and the telethon closed. $260,000 were raised that day and donated to “Offre Joie”, the official NGO put in charge to restore the damages. One month later, everybody went back home.


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