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A far from perfect world, is where we live.

A far from perfect world, is where we live.

And yes, we are aware that perfection is not a human trait, I actually believe we stopped claiming it as an attribute some decades ago. The decades we witnessed animal species go to extinction, when seasons changed from being true to their infamous description in geography books, when plastic became a main ingredient in the aquatic animals’ diet, when trees were sacrificed to serve further construction, or destruction. .

We owned up to us not being perfect, and remained ok with it. Not only that, we now flaunt it to hide behind our many shortcomings.


But here’s where the shift goes from “we”, to “I’.

I am not perfect, but I miss trying to be. I miss the days where perfection was still perceived as a legit human trait. It made me want to try and be one of those self-proclaimed perfectionists. It made me want to achieve more, do more, be more. .

It made me more aware of my actions, and pushed me to constantly rectify them, better them, revisit them and enhance them. In seeking perfection, I was a relentless human who stopped at nothing to achieve a purpose. .


Today, I’m bringing perfection back to help salvage whatever fights I still have left in me. I’m calling out the perfectionist in me to voice her opinions on things that matter, to be the change she wants to see happen and to stand in the way of whatever is harming the soul, the planet and the future.


A perfectionist knows that change does not happen overnight, hence the persistence. They know it takes many trials and errors to find a formula that works. They believe in the power of education. They put faith in the youth and they are not afraid to take risks that are deemed uncomfortable. .

Here’s to trying to be perfect, because it is in the act of trying that results are found.

Maybe so, Maybe not.. .

It doesn’t hurt to try though, no?



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