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Who’s trying to support Chirine NJEIM in her Rio 2016 Olympic Quest?

29 Jan. 2016 – The Qualification of Chirine NJEIM in the marathon for Rio 2016 Olympic Games was just the best achievement done by a Lebanese lately.

The president of Beirut Marathon Association, May EL KHALIL, congratulated Chirine in a skype conversation.

The online meeting was followed by the vice president of the Association General Hassan ROUSTOM, the director of races Wissam TERRO, the director of pubic relations Abdallah ABDELNOUR, the responsible of Social Media Lara KAIS and finally the media advisor Hassan MEHYIEDDIN.

May EL KHALIL expressed her pride of Chirine NJEIM who were able, with her personal effort and great will, to achieve the qualification standards for Rio 2016 and set a new Lebanese record of 2:44:14, breaking the qualification barrier of 2:50:00.

During this online meeting, May revealed to Chirine that the Association and the Lebanese Athletics Federation are figuring out together how they will support Chirine through her preparations for the Olympics.

With the main support of Elie SAADE, the vice president of the Lebanese Athletics Federation and member of the Lebanese Olympic Committe and the technical delegate of the Champville Athletics Club, the Association, as well as the Federation and the Lebanese Olympic Committee are planning to support Chirine, and Elie is the one who is giving a clearer idea of what the athlete needs for a proper preparation for the Games.

On the other hand, Chirine thanked every person who supported her in her journey and everyone who stood by her side. She will be running for Lebanon, for every runner in Lebanon and for the track and field society.

She also added that she needs to take some rest now because she had a tough season before getting back to training and set her mind up for the Olympic Games.

Chirine is training with a former Olympic Marathon runner who is at the same time one of her closest friends!

Chirine NJEIM: I just focused on the things that I can control, and the rest was magic!

In response to May EL KHALIL’s question, Chirine confirmed that she was happy to be BMA’s guest at the second edition of the Youth Race that will be held on Sunday 10th of April 2016 in Dbaye.

Chirine is now an athlete ambassador who we are all looking up to. With her determination and the great achievements she did in her career as a skier and a runner, she is for sure a great example for the young generation and even the athletes who are dreaming of taking part in the Olympic Games.


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