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Youth Race “Akid Adda” – The students meeting May EL KHALIL and Silvio CHIHA!

12 Mar. 2016 – “We do what we do because we believe in the power of sports. Sports unite people in a way that little else does, sports break barriers and bring us together. Sports do not care where you are from, what you do, what you have. Sports care about your ability to achieve, to become, to meet your dreams by showing you there are possibilities and you can make it happen!!”

That’s what May EL KHALIL wrote on her facebook account. Yes, Sports is a weapon in our hand that we must use to spread peace, educate and build a new generation. “Akid Adda” is the new campaign launched by Beirut Marathon Association for the Bankmed Youth race that will be held on April 10, in Dbaye.

Alongside the inspirational videos of the role model athletes that BMA has published on their social media platforms, the association headed to schools in the region of Dbaye with the role model athlete, Silvio CHIHA, who is the Asian Champion in waterski.

Their first destination was Montana school.  Ghada SEMAAN, the director of the school, welcomed May EL KHALIL and Silvio CHIHA who talked directly to the students. Ghada SEMAAN is someone who really supports sports and is doing the right efforts to spread it in her school. Montana organized many sports tournament and their participation in the Youth Race will be very significant!

The second destination was the official Dbaye school presided by Adnan AL AMIN where the speakers held the same speech encouraging and counting on the students to make a change. The target is not only to discover new talents but also to introduce the knowledge of sports in schools.

May EL KHALIL pointed out the importance of the role models and Silvio CHIHA, who is one of them, shared with the students his experience of winning a Gold medal in waterskiing, how he prepared for it, what were the difficulties and how he trained to accomplish this great achievement!

Now it is time for the young athletes to register and to prove that their are “Akid Adda”!


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