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There’s something about them mountains,
They humble us, they remind us how small we are compared to their glory, height and vastness.

They act as a reality check for our egoism, narcism and self- centeredness. We get caught up in this mundane world so much that we tend to forget what is real, and what is important.

We replace values with exceptions, and exceptions become rules. We get lost in translation and follow what the mass does choose. We loose our voice and replace it with the same repetitive tunes. …
We stop asking questions and we stop seeking answers that feed our souls.
Most days we are stuck.
Stuck in traffic, at work.Stuck in the same outings, with the same circles of friends and acquaintances.
And We call it living..

But it is up there, where life is.
And very much like running, mountaineering is a soul filling activity. And very much like yet very far from a marathon, reaching a summit is a mind over heart adventure.
It’s the “can” in face of your “cant’s”
It’s the struggle, the cause, the meaning. Most importantly, It’s the journey
It’s about how long and how far we’re willing to go to reconnect with ourselves.
To once again ask those questions and seek their answers.

To shy away from being followers
To take the lead on our own lives.
To risk the ordinary for a chance to that EXTRA
To beat the odds and fight challenges
To embrace change from within.

You, the mountaineers, are your own heroes first
heroes to our youth next 
Heroes to our communities follows
Heroes to the Arab world
Heroes. That’s the story we will live to tell! #move4good #everest2019#arabidols #mountaineers


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