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A tribute to the corniche

A tribute to the corniche.

My morning walks on the corniche are something else. On that same pavement I share a common path with the morning walkers, talkers, gossipers, runners, mothers, fathers, youngsters, students, thinkers, creatives, dreamers and doers.

My corniche is a canvas of a million colors mixed harmoniously and peacefully. Every step is a story heard or told. From the fishermen to the orange juice salesman, this picture has lived a thousand years in the mind of Lebanese far and near.

The corniche is judgment free. It cares not who you are or where you’re from. It keeps your secrets and respects your pace. It welcomes you and boosts you with confidence, peace and ample energy. It fuels you with compassion, tolerance and love.

And speaking of love, here’s a thought I had on one of my walks. What if we honor the trust of our corniche? Say pick an empty bottle thrown on its floor, clean it up every now and then, try not to litter, and try harder.

While you’re at it, apply the same thing across Lebanon,

Because… why not

Because… we must!

Don’t overthink the big picture, focus on the small picture, one drawn by you.

A thousand million small pictures make the big picture oh so beautiful.

At least I would like to think so🤷🏻‍♀️


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