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Happy Father’s Day


Your journey as a father is nothing short of extraordinary. You have raised our babies to be independent, adventurous, kind and compassionate.


Your energy is persistently contagious. You move us all with your dedication to health, sports and hardwork.


You taught our kids the importance of humanity, they all carry their causes in their hearts and are overly passionate about all things related to animals welfare, environment, human rights, refugees and more. We are all activists because of you!


You taught our kids to hold on to their dreams and turn them real. You taught them to never ever give up. You taught them self love and empowered them to be the best versions of themselves.


You taught them to be real, and to remain real in a world of constant change and increased pressure to be anything but.


So happy fathers day you beautiful dad and amazing grandad.


I love you everyday, forever and for always #happyfathersday


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